Boys’ Tennis makes CIF

Loses against North Hollywood 20-9


Students expect great things when they put in dedication and hard work. The boys’ tennis team has put in the effort to get to CIF rounds.

“We had the feeling we were going  CIF, because just last year we made it to “League” and we had the same teams aside from losing two or three players,” Leo Ortiz, a junior in the Justice, Service & Law small school said. Ortiz is part of a double team. His partner, Cristian Martinez, is a senior in the Business, Leadership & Innovation small school.

“There are some teams we might come across and [that] might be a challenge, but we should be fine because we’re trying our best,” Ortiz said. The double team practices daily and also spend breaks at South Gate Park tennis courts.

“It’s great playing with my partner Leo, because I know I can rely [on] him on the front line, because I play in the back. When the ball goes to him, I know he is going to be there to get the ball ,” Martinez said. A double team requires communication and teamwork. A single, however, is a tennis game with one person playing on each side of the court.

“I did expect to make it to CIF, because I practiced every day and was committed,” Alexis Linares, a junior from the Business, Innovation & Leadership small school said.  When Linares first joined tennis, his inexperience discouraged him.

“I knew nothing [when I first joined into tennis]. I was actually one of the worst players, and, now in my junior year, I’m supposed to be one of the best,” said Linares. Practice and dedication earned a spot for the student athletes to make it to CIF.


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